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Emily Long has multiple health and fitness certifications, served hundreds of women and radically transformed her body and insecure unfulfilled life into a confident and courageous woman by waking up that inner wonder woman within. 
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For most of my life, my self-limiting beliefs were the measuring tool I judged myself by.

I was not smart enough, pretty enough, “fit” enough, confident enough, or ambitious enough.

I was held captive by comparison - comparing my chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 31. Those thoughts governed my words, actions and outcomes. The time I spent in that self-absorbed prison is time I can never get back.

I tried looking for ways to feel better about myself, so I pursued fad diets, magic potion weight loss juices, excessive cardio and exercise, restrictive diets and meal skipping. 

I believed that once I achieved my “goal body”, at ANY expense, everything in my life would be better. All of those negative behaviors led to more negativity like binge eating, exercise as punishment, shame, guilt, self-disgust, and more focus on myself instead of my MISSION and the reason I am here.
My obsession with weight loss and the scale caused me to think about food all the time and struggle with the ability to enjoy social situations because all I could think of is what I “could” or “couldn’t” eat, and then beat myself up anytime I caved and ate the things I “shouldn’t” have.

Every pound up or down on the scale caused an emotional reaction that left me feeling either elated or depressed. I was never consistent in my attitude towards my ultimate goal of living a fit lifestyle. I was always up or down, all or nothing.

The ironic thing about all my efforts is that they were in vain. My body hardly improved if at all, and I was noticing side effects like decreased energy, frequently in a bad mood, hair loss, extra stress and anxiety and digestive issues. I constantly felt like a failure, and I couldn’t fully enjoy my life. I felt that I was failing in every area. The more I tried to control my “fit life” the more I lost control in every area of my life. It consumed me.

After YEARS of this PRISON, something FINALLY clicked and I began learning how to change my belief about myself and how I looked by taking SMALL, very specific, seemingly insignificant steps outside of my comfort zone - in the gym, AND in life.

I stopped counting calories and starving myself and instead, I shifted my entire focus when it came to my nutrition, and it started with eating more and actually eating foods I enjoyed. I got more intentional with my workouts and stopped working out to get a certain number of hours in. I was sick of the control it had over me and I decided it was time to take it back. I literally gained control by losing it.

I started shifting my focus from what I looked like and how much weight I wanted to lose, to how I felt and what my body could DO. I started getting excited about FEELING better, having more energy and getting stronger.

And NONE of this happened by accident...which is why I'm excited to help you feel more comfortable in your skin and take back your life too!
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