ATTENTION: Busy Working Moms!
Discover What REAL FREEDOM Feels Like!
☆Create More CONFIDENCE & ENERGY Before You Pay a Penny!☆
WITHOUT rearranging your entire life, working out for hours, OR sacrificing what matters most to you.
Imagine what Real Freedom feels like...
...Freedom from food guilt“willpower” failures, and weight re-gain
...Freedom from weight loss (and all the ‘weight loss rules') so you can be FREE to TRANSFORM - mentally and physically 
 …Freedom from long workouts and obsession with the scale
...Freedom from broken promises (of not doing what you said you would - i.e. getting up to workout, starting over on Monday)
 …Freedom from dieting, meal plans and even no meal plans
What If I told you that 95% of women that lost weight through any number of diets not only regained it back but many are less confident and more insecure than when they started?
"95% of diets fail and most will regain their lost weight in 1-5 years”
(Source: Statistics on Weight Discrimination: A Waste of Talent, The Council on Size and Weight Discrimination)
💭 Think about it… 💭
How have you felt after...  
...Eating things you “shouldn’t” have?
...Watching the scale go up and down?
...Feeling like a "failure"?
And how many times have you said...  
...I'll start over on Monday?
...Tomorrow I'll wake up early to workout or
...This time will be different?
EVERY Broken Promise and Break In Consistency Like This 
Creates More Self-Doubt, Makes You Love Yourself Less
And Makes It Harder To Experience a Lasting TRANSFORMATION in Your Body & Mind!

I should know!!!
And The reality is that 95% of programs create this self-doubt, insecurity, and destroy your self-love and confidence because they're IMPOSSIBLE to be consistent with, and cause your failure and weight re-gain.
“For 10 Years I Believed That When I Got The Body I Wanted Then I would feel better, be more confident and enjoy my life more... BUT... for 10 years I was one of the 95% of women that tried and tried, but still never got the body I wanted, had ZERO confidence and felt terrible about myself from repeated broken promises!

...But then I discovered something totally different and my life and body have never been the same since!
The truth is you CAN...
...Keep your promises and be consistent more easily than you might think, and watch your self-belief, self-love, confidence, and body transform right before your eyes!
...FREE to eat out, enjoy "cheat foods", find food FREEDOM, love life and watch your body and mind transform
Does this sound like the FREEDOM you've been craving?
GOOD! Because it is MUCH easier to achieve than you probably think!! 💟
This is not only possible, it’s HAPPENING for My Fit Life TRIBE Members Right Now.

You Need To Know This Is Totally Possible!
But maybe you just need a mindset shift and proven plan with accountability...
This is EXACTLY where my Fit Life Tribe comes in.
To walk you through the simple path to become Fit and find your OWN freedom.
In a few short videos on your very 1st day  I’ll show you the 1st Step all my successful Fit Lifers and I made that resulted in feeling better, and created MORE CONFIDENCE, ENERGY and led to our lasting transformation!

You can experience Real Freedom in an instant when it starts with the right step and mental shift and then continues with the right workout and nutrition system – and no, I’m not talking about macros, counting calories, pills, powders, shakes or following some ridiculous diet.

And you can discover your freedom without ever paying a single penny when you claim your Free 7-Day Scholarship to “My Fit Life Tribe” Today!
But...maybe you're just plain skeptical and not sure if this really works because you have already tried SO. MANY. THINGS.
Well, if you are, you’re not alone.
Laura had tried everything you can think of, too:
And so had Hilary...
But...they did it!!!
And so did sooooo many other amazing Tribe Fit Lifers …
BUT, don't just take MY word for it! ⤵
Here's What Other Fit Lifers Are Saying 
And The Real Freedom They've Experienced!
Hey Friend! I'm Emily Long!
And after 10 years of repeatedly failing and trying everything imaginable to feel better, be confident, strong, and get the body I wanted…
  • Over 13 different diets
  • Dozens of different workouts
  • Meal plans, No meal plans and everything in-between
  • ​I tried everything, you name it!
…but still losing and regaining weight; binging, splurging and regularly feeling like a failure, and hating my body, life, and who I was, finally something changed! 
Through a series of events I ended up taking  3 life altering steps. 🎆 The 1st step I took was making a monumental mental shift that also resulted in me taking on a Fit Lifer Identity 🎆and I watched my life and body completely transform... 

My mental and physical ENERGY soared and, believe it or not, so did my CONFIDENCE, STRENGTH and how I felt!

During the first four weeks, after this shift, I experienced real freedom for the 1st time in over 10 years…and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 

 I was proved wrong because I couldn’t believe I felt better about myself and had more confidence and energy in just a few days, all BEFORE I ever lost my first pound. 

And then over the next 8-weeks I took my 2nd step, with a counterintuitive workout with a STRENGTH focus and nutrition system that “broke all the traditional rules of weight loss”. I lost HALF my body fat and dropped 2 jean sizes and truly found lasting freedom.  And I've maintained these results for 9 years now (1 full-term pregnancy and 6 miscarriages later) and have continued to improve my confidence with a 3rd step that focused on my mindset. 
BEFORE: ✮Made every sacrifice imaginable and was still Insecure,full of self-doubt and zero confidence.    Eating about 1,000 calories, doing hours of cardio, feeling miserable and depressed, Low energy, bloated, digestive issues, obsessed with the scale and following restrictive diets.
AFTER: ✮Truly happier than ever *(and this started after my very 1st step I just described)*.  Eating significantly more, just 15-24 minute workouts 3x/wk, more energy,more confidence, more strength (mentally and physically)no digestive problems, zero obsession with the scale and eating all the foods I love with control.
How Will Fit Life Tribe 
Help Me Achieve Real Freedom?
Through what I call the 3-Step THRIVE Path.
Health and fitness isn't one-size-fits-all.
What works for one may not work for others and with my 3-Step THRIVE Path you can feel better, experience more confidence, have roaring energy and experience a lasting body transformation in a way that works for YOU.
My 3-Step THRIVE Path focuses on ENERGY (mind & body), TRANSFORMATION (mind & body), CONFIDENCE & STRENGTH (mind & body)!
And from thousands of tests with real women, it’s the only way we’ve ever found to reliably and predictably experience real lasting freedom.
Of course, these are all women who took action.
This sort of life altering change does not happen without action AND THAT is why we focus on ENERGY 1st (mind & body) - so you have the physical energy to take action and the mindset to follow through and make it last!
Real action has to be taken and I can make no guarantee you’ll do that. Even so, I believe this is the most powerful thing you will ever find to experience real lasting freedom.  
This kind of freedom brings forth consistency. And when consistency is combined with a proven process it brings forth unimaginable results and confidence. 
Here's How This Works…
When you begin with your 7-Day Free Tribe Scholarship we immediately... 
➜ Start with STEP 1 of the THRIVE Path: ENERGY for Your Mind and Body.
This is where you’ll watch a few short videos with action steps so you can experience more Mental and Physical ENERGY, because EVERYTHING is easier when we have a ton of energy - motivation to workout, eat better, get more done, be a better name it!  And one of the key mental shifts you'll make is to step into your new identity as a Fit Lifer, just like all of us have.
"What is a Fit Lifer?"
A Fit Lifer is a mindset, belief and IDENTITY you decide to step into. 
It’s about believing you ARE who you need to be before you SEE it.

She is a strong, confident and courageous no excuses, no drama, get-it-done kinda momma! 
A Fit Lifer lives a FIT and HEALTHY lifestyle and makes room to enjoy the things she loves!   

A Fit Lifer values herself enough to invest in herself. 
She is a champion for her health, her family, her kids, her marriage, and her LIFE.
Once you create more ENERGY and make this mental shift from step 1...
You’ll be able to experience more confidence, more mental and physical energy, and feel better right away. And even if NOTHING else comes out of it other than making this mental shift, this alone is life changing for so many moms.

But that’s really just the beginning.
Once you’re done with step 1, which could be after a single day, you'll move onto...
➜ STEP 2 of the THRIVE Path which is TRANSFORMATION (Body & Mind).
TRANSFORMATION involves my exclusive Workout and Nutrition System that delivers even MORE ENERGY, MORE CONFIDENCE & STRENGTH and a LASTING BODY TRANSFORMATION because it's a system that is simple and easy enough for even the busiest of women to start and remain consistent with (and is the complete opposite of the 95% of programs that have caused you, and me, to fail!) 
Remember, this is NOT a one-size-fits all nutrition and workout system!
Not only is every woman’s body totally different, but also every woman is at a different place in her life – some with more time and others with much less.

And, it's suuuuuuuper critical that the workout and nutrition plan is enjoyable, realistic and simple to remain consistent with long-term in order to deliver maintainable results and foster greater self-confidence and strength and that's what this is designed to do!

That’s why every woman starts with the same yummy Eat To Thrive Anti-Meal Plan and then can easily customize it (what I call Intuitive Personalization) so it fits their lifestyle and how they feel according to our simple guidelines.

So if you asked 1,000 different women what their nutrition plan looked like each one would be just different enough to keep a smile on their face because it works for them, their life and their body.

No more starting and stopping or feeling like a failure!!!

And the same goes with our 15-24 minute workouts!  And once Step 2 is complete you move onto Step 3.
➜ STEP 3 of the THRIVE Path is focused on CONFIDENCE & STRENGTH.
Even though your confidence and strength will climb significantly higher during the first two steps of the THRIVE Path this 3rd step will raise it even higher.
But this is all just scratching the surface of everything you get. 😲
Here's A Couple More Praises!
What Results Can I Expect Over The Next 8-Weeks?
Once I added the nutrition and workout system I lost HALF my body fat and dropped 2 jean sizes in just 8-weeks.

Typically within the first week we hear things like:
  - More confidence and overall feeling better
  - A LOT more energy and less food cravings
  - Less stomach bloat and many even say more focus

Over the first month many of my Tribe Fit Lifers Drop 1 Jeans Size and many drop 1-2+ within 8-weeks, but it doesn't stop there.

It's all about becoming a Fit Lifer and learning to live a fit lifestyle - that is the ONLY way to permanently transform your body.
I know this all sounds great, 
BUT you need to know that this is NOT for everyone. 
Some women are not ready to go ALL-IN and join the 5% of us that made this mental shift to become a Fit Lifer and make a lifestyle change that can last, which is where everything starts.
Some, that take half-hearted action and lack commitment, will unfortunately remain among the 95% of women that are unhappy or uncomfortable with their body and "regain all or most of the weight they lost within 3-5 years”.
So, how can you begin to experience real freedom right now
and make a lifestyle change that can last?
You can start by easily AVOIDING the things that sabotage your confidence, strength, energy and results and keep you among the failing 95%.
  • Dieting (no diets with the Tribe THRIVE Path)
  • Weighing yourself regularly (instead of using the scale in our Tribe you'll use your jeans as the assessment tool)
  • Following a meal plan or none at all (The THRIVE Anti-Meal Plan in Tribe is a hybrid of these two with simple intuitive personalization)
  • Counting calories or macros (With the THRIVE Path we use a quick and simple hand-measurement system at first, in order to maintain some caloric consistency, and then have our Fit Lifers graduate from it completely)
  • Avoiding “cheat food” (Tribe is 80/20 and 90/10 where you eat to THRIVE 80% of the time by focusing on our healthy food list while enjoying life 20% of the time when YOU want, which often means eating “cheat foods” – we show you how to do this without food guilt and without sabotaging your results)
  • Trying to be All-or-Nothing, 100% 100% of the time (This is impossible and why 95% of women fail, with the Tribe THRIVE Path we focus on being 100% just 80-90% of the time)
  • Thinking you have to wait until you get the body you want to have the confidence you want, feel the way you want and live the way you want. (Remember, with my THRIVE Path this is the first thing you do when you start)
  • Following the normal "weight loss rules" (These "rules" only create more insecurity and LESS confidence in women and are the culprit behind why 95% of weight loss plans fail.  We've completely changed the rules with our THRIVE Path and play a game you can actually win!)
And being more insecure and less confident affects how we show up in life, with our husband, kids, job, friends, you name it!
Seriously, how confident and good do you feel about yourself when you have to start your “diet” over on Monday because you ate something you “shouldn’t”?

Or because the scale told you a number that wasn’t what you wanted?

Or when you just can’t prep all the meals you wanted because…you have a life too?

If You're Ready To Join The 5% And Become a Fit Lifer and experience Real Freedom Then Keep Reading...
Deb lost 9lbs, 9", and a Jeans Size in her 1st month!
..."This is the first time in my life that I don't feel as if I'm on a diet"...
This Is Who This Works Best For:
Mom's that...
  • Want to experience real freedom
  • Want a lifestyle change that lasts and to truly learn to live a fit life that feels and looks amazing, in mind and body.
  • Have about 10-30lbs to lose or around 1-3 Jean sizes
  • Are teachable and willing to take action
  •  Sick of yo-yo dieting and not feeing free
  • A TRANSFORMATION of your energy, confidence, strength, and body is more important to you than a quick fix weight loss or having a 6 pack (even if you feel that a 6 pack would be great - you don’t want it MORE than those other things)
  • Really desire to be a role model for her family and live a more fulfilled life
  • Truly want to become a Fit Lifer
If that’s not you, then my fit life tribe probably isn’t going to be the right fit so we can part as friends. But, if it IS you, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! Click the button and grab your free 7-day scholarship, sister!! ⤵
Here's What You're Getting 
When You Start Today For FREE:
The 3-Step THRIVE Path
ENERGY (Mind & Body)
ENERGY For The Mind & Body includes short videos, action steps and mini challenges and begins with Energy For The Mind so you can make the right mental shifts and take on a Fit Lifer Identity to have more confidence, strength, and feel better right away, but most importantly set yourself up for a permanent mind and body transformation! 👉Remember, this is the FIRST thing I did after failing for 10 years straight and because of these mental shifts I was able to not only feel better, have more confidence and strength but actually permanently transform my body (11 years and counting.) You'll then transition to Energy For The Body so you can experience more physical energy, more focus and have the motivation to workout, eat healthy and get more stuff done!
TRANSFORMATION involves a completely new Fitness and Nutrition approach (and everything else listed below): ENERGY, a mental shift and a new Fit Lifer Identity with the wrong fitness and nutrition approach wouldn't work. This is all about changing the "broken weight loss rules" and rigging the game of weight loss and feeling better in our favor, so we can win for life. 👉This is what helped my Fit Lifers TRANSFORM and allowed me to drop HALF my body fat and 2 jean sizes in 12-weeks after failing for 10 years straight...and keep if off for over 9 years now!
  • New 4-Week @ HOME Follow-Along Workout Program Every Month: Never have to think about what to do again and never get bored with this constantly changing fun program.  These are just 15-24 minute workouts 3-4x/wk that use bodyweight, bands under $20 and just a couple dumbbells (we have recommendations inside Tribe).  Only have 5 minutes sometimes?  Great, we show you how to make that work!
  • Exercise Tutorial Videos: New or want to do it right?  Learn the best technique from a certified pro.
  • Body Weight Blasters: Super simple workouts using only your body weight.  Mix it up with these when you want something different or complete a full month with body weight only workouts!
  •  Quickfit Cardio: Want to torch more fat and burn more calories?  These 8-15 minute workouts can be done all by themselves or added to the end of any workout. No need for long boring cardio anymore!
  • New Eat To Thrive Anti-Meal Plan Every Week: This accelerates results and eliminates all the guesswork, telling you what to eat and when. There's plenty of variety (all gluten-free, dairy-free) and it's simple, works great for busy women!  And this works whether you want to Intermittent fast or not, and if you want to do that we show you how.
  • Matching Done-For-You Grocery List Every Week: This is for the Anti-Meal Plan and saves you time in the grocery store.
  • Over 100+ Recipes: It's A LOT easier than you think for you and/or your family to enjoy healthy and delicious food.  And you don't need to be chef either!
  • "Eat Your Way Slim" Quick Meals: Yummy meals that can be prepped quickly when you have no choice but to eat on the go.
  •  Green/Orange/Red Food List: Not sure what to eat? This comprehensive food list highlights tons of different carbs, proteins, fats, vegetables, and drinks according to a green/orange/red color that indicates whether that food is a higher toxic, high inflammatory food (often resulting in stomach bloat, low energy, cravings, brain fog, difficulty losing weight) and those that are lower in toxins and low inflammatory.
  • Intuitive Personalization: Wondering what way of eating is best for you? You'll learn how to listen to your body and what to look out for and use our simple guide to easily personalize what you eat and when to how you feel best. 
  • Exclusive Fit Lifer Tribe Accountability Group: You'll learn from other amazing Fit Lifers.  Get help, ask questions, share success with this great community of other like-minded women all supporting one another! [This is available on Day 8.]
  • Daily Habits Checklist: "You are what you repeatedly do" and this checklist will ensure you do what will get you maintainable results!
  • Coaching/Support From Emily:  Feeling stumped or have a question then just ask Emily and she will support and coach to greater success! [This is available on Day 8].
  • 8-Week "Earn Your Shirt" Transformation Challenge: This challenge will keep you focused and accelerate your results.  And when you finish not only will your body and life have transformed, but you'll be able to claim your free shirt! 👉 Most women DROP 1-2 Jean sizes during this challenge, 👈 although we cannot guarantee that anyone will do the same.
  • Fit Forever Video Series: You'll learn how to enjoy any "cheat food" without guilt or sabotaging your results, the 7 habits you need to make your transformation lasts, and many more in this short video series (less than 27 minutes).
  • Busy #MomLife Hacks: You'll get all kinds of hacks to save you time and improve your results - Meal Prep Hacks, Food Swap Hacks (take all the food you love and learn how to make it more healthy and stay delicious), Grocery Shopping Hacks, Restaurant and Fast Food hacks.
CONFIDENCE & STRENGTH includes short videos and action steps that place you in the driver's seat of how you feel and function. Once you're consistently engaging in self care, fueling your body well, consistently feeling physical AND mental energy, it is time to level up your confidence and strength.
Already you'll have increased your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength JUST from the journey you've been on up to this point, but once that firm foundation is laid, you're only going to be hungry for MORE!

Kind of like when you bite into a juicy steak. It doesn't make you satisfied with that one bite. It only creates a hunger for more and this is where I will provide the tools to help create that improved change.

MORE confidence. MORE strength. MORE out of life!!! And remember... NOT just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. This is where we REALLY level up and is a level to look forward to reaching!
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One last thing...
I Don't Want You To Just SIGN UP...
...I want you to actually GET RESULTS so LISTEN UP!
Even though this is free, I want at least a 7-day commitment (you can re-evaluate after that). 

I want you to be decided and determined to transform your confidence, body and life.

Because when you make a true decision (which literally means to “cut yourself off” from all other options like obsessive habits, diets, trying instead of actually "doing") amazing things will happen…

Amazing things like truly discovering what real freedom feels like, and experiencing a level of energy, hope, happiness and body change unlike anything else.

And all I’m asking is that you give this a real 7-day test drive. 

I realize that our time is one thing we cannot get back and I don’t intend on wasting yours and YOU shouldn’t waste yours either.

Take 100% action!
(Keep in mind that even if you’re the busiest women alive this can still work for you as it has for many of my other insanely busy Fit Lifer working mama’s).  And they'll be there inside my Fit Lifer Tribe Community to support and help you, sharing insight and wisdom as to how they did it.
Are you ready to discover what your freedom feels like...FREE?
Yes, you read that correctly!

I want you to experience the results you deserve, free, in a way that no other program delivers.

I know one of two things will happen as a result:
  1️) You feel amazing and discover real freedom and just decide to continue doing your own thing after 7-days. If that’s the case I wish you the best and I’ll be thrilled I was able to help.

  2) You feel amazing and discover real freedom and decide to continue with me and my amazing tribe of other woman and take your results to the next level. If this is the case we’ll knock it out of the park! And you’ll be able to join my online community of amazing tribe woman and I’ll be there to help you along the way!
Wondering what the catch is?
There is none! :)

There are NO hidden "fees" or "locked in" contract!

Here’s how this works.

You will not be charged a single penny UNLESS you love how you feel so much so that you decide to continue beyond your free 7-day pass. (If you don’t want to continue all you need to do is email us before your 7-days are up) – and we'll send you an email once you claim your free 7-day pass)

And, if you do decide to stay, I won’t be charging you $300.00+ per month like a personal trainer might, but you’ll still receive all the same benefits and actually A LOT MORE!

Remember, you’ll have everything you need nutritionally to get amazing results that last – new weekly Eat To Thrive Anti-Meal Plans every single week, along with a matching grocery list, tons of recipes and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the nutrition goodies you’ll get.

You’ll also receive a new workout program every single month, full of 15-24 minute workouts, with full simple exercise tutorials and descriptions. And you’ll have an amazing community of My Fit Life Tribe women right there cheering you on…along with myself. 

And when you get started you’ll receive the 1st step of my THRIVE Process so you can make the key mental shift that we all did as Fit Lifers. 

Plus you’ll receive everything else I’ve mentioned. 

And you’ll get all that and more for just $27/month should you decide to stick around beyond your free 7-days.

I want you to have everything you need to get the results you deserve and experience real freedom free, so you can decide if it's worth it without ever paying a single penny.
 Here Are a Few Other Benefits of My Fit Life Tribe:

→ Great Results with NO pills, NO powders. NO chalky tasting drinks.
→ No calorie or macro counting.
→ No daily or even weekly weigh in’s.
→ You eat foods you enjoy. Great variety. Great taste!
→ You can dine out!
→ And you can experience a life altering mind and body TRANSFORMATION!

Here's What More Tribe Fit Lifers Are Saying
💡 Fit Life Tribe FAQ 💡
  • What if I'm gluten intolerant or can't eat certain foods? All of our recipes and meals within our Anti-Meal Plan are gluten-free and dairy-free.
  • What if I don't like your recipes and meals? You can use our Food List as a guide to know what to eat and prepare whatever you want or you can choose the recipes or meals you love the most. Our Fit Lifers love our delicious foods and I'm sure you will also.
  • How do I know what to eat? There's 2 options to make this super easy.  #1: You can refer to our Red/Orange/Green Food List so you know what foods to eat more of and what to reduce or eliminate (i.e. Red foods are known to be higher in toxins and create higher levels of inflammation, which can impair health, energy, cause stomach bloating, joint pain, brain fog and impair weight loss.  #2 You can follow our Eat To Thrive Anti-Meal Plan that eliminates all the guesswork and includes all delicious and healthy green foods from our Food List (i.e. low inflammation and lower toxin foods)
  • How will I not get bored eating the same things and doing the same workouts? Every week you'll receive a brand new Anti-Meal Plan full of delicious recipes - some new and some prepared differently to keep things simple.  There's also over 100 recipes to choose from and more added every month.  And each month you get a brand new 4-week workout that changes every single week so your results continue and you never get bored!
  • Is there a minimum amount of time I required to join for? Absolutely not - you are free to join for 7-days, 1 month or as long as you wish as you continue to shape your body, confidence and life.
  • What if I don't have time to prep food? Our Anti-Meal plans are quick to make and prepare (under 20 minutes) but if time is a real concern then I highly suggest you grab my *limited time* bonus - Easy Fast Meal Prep where you can learn to make 20 meals in just 30 minutes that are ready throughout the week in 10 minutes or less.  (Full details on the next page)
I Became A Fit Lifer!
And because my 1st step focused on creating ENERGY first and making the right mental shifts AND THEN focused on my TRANSFORMATION by following a completely different workout and nutrition system (the THRIVE Path) I immediately had more CONFIDENCE and love for myself and went on to lose HALF my body fat and 2 jean sizes within 12 weeks of taking my 1st step (I rode my 1st step out for 4-weeks because I felt so amazing and then transitioned to this new workout and nutrition system for the following 8-weeks). And because of this I’ve been more happy, fulfilled, confident and actually love my body and who I am.

I'm a better wife!  I'm a better mother!  I'm more focused and productive at my work!  And I've maintained all of these results for over 9 years now. 
What will you do?
The same old things...
Will You Join Us and Become a Fit Lifer?!
If You Want More Details, Here's My Full Story...
For most of my life...
My self-limiting beliefs were the measuring tool I judged myself by.
I was not smart enough, pretty enough, “fit” enough, confident enough, or ambitious enough.

I was held captive by comparison - comparing my chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 31. 

Those thoughts governed my words, actions and outcomes. 

The time I spent in that self-absorbed prison is time I can never get back.

I tried looking for ways to feel better about myself, so I pursued fad diets, magic potion weight loss juices, excessive cardio and exercise, restrictive diets and meal skipping - anything that promised a better body.

I believed that once I achieved my “goal body”, at ANY expense, everything in my life would be better. All of those negative behaviors led to more negativity like binge eating, exercise as punishment, shame, guilt, self-disgust, and more focus on myself instead of my family, friends, MISSION and the reason I am here.   

My obsession with weight loss and the scale caused me to think about food all the time and struggle with the ability to enjoy social situations because all I could think of is what I “could” or “couldn’t” eat, and then beat myself up anytime I caved and ate the things I “shouldn’t” have.

Every pound up or down on the scale caused an emotional reaction that left me feeling either elated or depressed. I was never consistent in my attitude towards my ultimate goal of living a fit lifestyle. I was always up or down, all or nothing.

All the "weight loss rules" completely sabotaged and imprisoned me!

The ironic thing about all my efforts is that they were in vain. My body hardly improved if at all, and I was noticing side effects like decreased energy, frequently in a bad mood, hair loss, extra stress and anxiety and digestive issues. I constantly felt like a failure, and I couldn’t fully enjoy my life. I felt that I was failing in every area. The more I tried to control my “fit life” the more I lost control in every area of my life. It consumed me.

After 10 YEARS of this PRISON, through a series of events, I made a monumental mental shift (like I described above) and I began learning how to change my belief about myself and how I looked.

I stopped counting calories, starving myself and following all the “weight loss rules” and instead, I shifted my entire focus when it came to my nutrition and workouts - including eating more, and actually eating foods I enjoyed. I got more intentional with my workouts and stopped working out to get a certain number of hours in. I was sick of the control it had over me and I decided it was time to take it back.  This is what I now call the THRIVE Process that is exclusively inside My Fit Life Tribe!

I started shifting my focus from what I looked like and how much weight I wanted to lose, to how I felt and what my body could DO. I started getting excited about FEELING better, having more energy and getting stronger.

For the 1st time in 10 YEARS I no longer had a dieters mindset like 95% of everyone else.
I was focused on living a fit life...
I Became A Fit Lifer!
And because I made the mental shift first and then followed a completely different workout and nutrition system (the THRIVE Process) I immediately had more confidence and love for myself and went on to lose HALF my body fat and 2 jean sizes within 12 weeks of making that mental shift (I rode the mental shift out for 4-weeks because I felt so amazing and then transitioned to this new workout and nutrition system for the following 8-weeks). And because of this I’ve been more happy, fulfilled and have maintained all of these results for over 9 years now. 
What will you do?
The same old things...
 Will You Join Us and Step Into Your New Identity As A Fit Lifer?!
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